• In the Czech Republic 93-year-old Communist accused of cannibalization

  • In the Czech Republic law enforcement bodies brought charges against 93-year-old functionary of the Czechoslovak Communist party, in 1950-e years took an active part in the eviction from their estates the peasants, declared his fists. About it reports "Radio Prague".

    The nomination of the charge was confirmed by the head of the Committee of the interior Ministry for the documentation and investigation of communism crimes Eva Mikhalkov. According to the investigation, the accused robbed the house dozens of families.

    Under Czech criminal law, punishment according to the charges involves the deprivation of liberty for a term from two to 10 years.

    As stated by the historian of the Institute for the study of totalitarian regimes LIBOR Freedom, advanced age should not be an obstacle to prosecution. According to him, to put the accused in jail makes no sense, however, we need these crimes to condemn for the sake of caution, writes portal Aktualne.

    After the fall of the Communist government for participation in the 1950-ies in the political repressions have been accused more than 200 people, 130 brought to trial, convicted of them about 50. For participation in the action "Fist" was charged with 20 people and convicted five. Many of the accused were dismissed due to bad health or death.

    In 2014, another Eastern European country, Hungary, former Minister of internal Affairs convicted to 5.5 years of imprisonment for war crimes during the suppression of anti-Communist revolt in 1956. 92-year-old Bela Bizhku was convicted that he ordered security forces to open fire on civilians. In March 2016, he died.


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