• In Buryatia, the 100th anniversary of the revolution opened the capsule from 1967

  • In the village of Kamensk, Republic of Buryatia, opened the capsule with message to descendants, laid in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the great October socialist revolution. About it informs news Agency "Baikal of Media Consulting" ("BMK").

    According to the Agency, the report of the mandate was laid by workers of the cement plant Temlyakov 7 November 1967 in a special stele, on the lid of the capsule was engraved "to Open in 2017". Those are the people invited to the event, which was held on Friday, August 11. It was also attended by representatives of local authorities.

    During the ceremony, the message of 1967, was read: "it Will take years to replace the veterans of the Revolution will be you — generation 2017. We are willing to live according to the precepts of Lenin, together with the older generation implement them. Carry in their hearts the Leninist faith in the bright Communist future for the peoples of our planet".

    Then workers Temlyakov cement plant was left in a "time capsule" new message, which will reveal a quarter of a century, in 2042.

    This was followed by a ceremony of awarding the veterans, whose work experience ranges from 40 years to 51 years.

    In 1967 across the country were massively laid like a capsule to open which were supposed to be on 7 November 2017.


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