• In the hospital Pirogov explained the reduction of the brigade of vascular surgeons

  • A source in the city hospital No. 1 named after Pirogov said "the Tape.ru" that the reduction of the 41st division of cardiovascular surgery is associated with bringing order to the organizational work of the hospital.

    According to the interlocutor of the edition, division for many years actually working in the city ambulance service, and now only happened the institutionalization of this state of Affairs.

    "These doctors came to us and start work from tomorrow," explained "the Tape.ru" the Deputy chief physician of city station of emergency medical aid of Moscow Georgy Vvedensky.

    That in the hospital named after Pirogov cease from 1 November, the existence of serving the entire city team on Monday, October 31, wrote on the page Facebook doctor Konstantin Sinjin.

    The chief physician of the First city hospital Alex Light told the radio station "Moscow speaking" that those who did not want to go to the ambulance, offered to stay in the General staff of surgeons of the hospital.

    According to him, the visiting vascular team was formed in 1985, when vascular surgeons were few. In 1995 it received the status of city.


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