• In Berlin refused to give Vilnius the act of independence of Lithuania

  • The President of the Federal archive of Germany Michael Hollman refused to transfer Lithuania act of independence of the Republic, in 1918. On Friday, April 21, according to the portal Delfi.

    "Separating the original document from its context and pass Lithuania [it] may become a precedent that could cause unintended consequences for the universally recognized basic principles of archives, and historians", — explained the decision of Hollmann.

    However, according to him, Berlin can provide the Vilnius document for temporary storage on the anniversary of the proclamation of independence. In late March, the Lithuanian government asked Germany to give the act to mark the centenary of the sovereignty of the Republic, passed to Delfi.

    Earlier in March reported, the original act of independence of Lithuania is found in the archive of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany in Berlin. The document has been stored in the group of cases consolidated under the title "the Future of the Baltic provinces of Lithuania". Also in the archive was discovered by another the act of independence of the Republic from December 11, 1917, which referred to the close Union between Lithuania and Germany.

    The act of independence of Lithuania was signed in 1918 in Vilnius members of the self-proclaimed authority — Lithuanian Council. At the time the area that later moved to Lithuania, was occupied by German troops. Until 1940, the document was stored at the presidential Palace in Kaunas. However, in the same year, when Lithuania was accepted into the USSR as the Lithuanian Soviet socialist Republic, he left information about his whereabouts was received.


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