• In Australia the snake rode on a passenger train hare

  • In the passenger train from the Australian city of Kiama to Sydney, found the snake. This publication reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

    The reptile was spotted on the Luggage shelves above the seats. The train did not stop, however, passengers were put on other places. When the train not work, its locked.

    After arriving at the station in Sydney specialist inspected the car and caught the reptile. She was spotted Python Children. The species is nonpoisonous, grow up to a meter in length and pose no danger to humans.

    13 April reported, in Australia the six-foot Python that lived in a laboratory that produced methamphetamine, cured from addiction to drugs.

    In Australia is found around 170 species of snakes, including nearly two dozen species of pythons. The most dangerous are the Taipan McCoy and mesh brown snake. Their venom is more toxic than any other land snake. Despite this, from snake bites in Australia dies no more than six people a year.


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