• Antalya has proposed to allow tourists access to flooded city

  • The authorities of Antalya call to allow diving on the territory of the half-submerged ancient city in the Turkish province. On Friday, August 11, writes The Telegraph.

    The Governor of Antalya Munir Karaloglu (Münir Karaloğlu) has addressed with the corresponding request to the Ministry of culture and tourism of the Republic. The officer offers to let those who wish to dive off the uninhabited island of Kekova, on the North side of which are the ruins of the ancient settlement Dolihiste. It was destroyed by an earthquake in the II century of our era. Currently, facilities is partially gone under water.

    Karaloglu indicates that this measure will help to increase the number of tourists to Antalya. He also notes that immersion in the area Dolihiste will be held under the supervision of instructors and scientists. As the Turkish Ministry responded to this request yet.

    The ban on diving in Dolihiste was introduced in 1986. The Turkish government considers the ancient ruins of an architectural monument. In 1990 this area was declared a specially protected area.

    In 2000, Turkey has offered UNESCO to make Dolihiste in the list of world heritage sites. Currently, the city is in the preliminary list of international organizations.

    A representative of a diving centre on Kekova Isik Levent (Levent Işık) predicts that in the case of withdrawal of the said ban, the flow of visitors to the island will increase dramatically, as many researchers will want to personally examine these ancient ruins.


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