• In the American state of Iowa killed two police officers

  • Two police officers were killed in the us city of des Moines (Iowa). On Wednesday, November 2, reports NBC News.

    According to the city police Department, the body guards, was found with a small time interval in different areas.

    Apparently, the attack on the patrol was made surreptitiously, the report States. Other circumstances of the attacks is not known.

    According to the channel, law enforcement has no suspects.

    17 July this year, three police officers were killed in the city of Baton Rouge (Louisiana), seven more guards were injured, one of them is in serious condition. The gunman was eliminated.

    Ten days before, in Dallas (Texas) during a protest against police brutality was opened fire on a group of guards. Three employees killed on the spot, two died later in hospital. Another six police officers were injured. The suspect in the attack was blocked in the underground Parking lot and eliminated by the robot.

    Later it became known that the shooting gave a 25-year reservist of the US Army Mickey Xavier Johnson, who formerly served in Afghanistan. In his home was found materials to make explosives, small arms and body armor.


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