• At the Academy of fine arts of St. Petersburg, commented on the situation with payments of salaries

  • The technical delay in transfer of funds from the Ministry of culture did not affect the staff of the Academy of arts named after Repin, they got paid on time and in full. About it "lente.Roo" said the rector, Semyon Mikhailovsky.

    "Indeed, the full funding from the Ministry of culture to us until it was, as in other universities. But our teachers do this in any way have not felt. We are an effective school, we have our own extra-budgetary funds that we spent on the payment of wages", — said Michael.

    He stressed that the duties of any Manager enters the issue of ensuring employees put money. Extra-budgetary Fund is primarily designed for just such occasions. "We are prudent about these funds and paid wages irrespective of the difficulties encountered. But these difficulties do not refer to the Ministry of culture, and in General to the field of financial management. It's not a question of a specific Ministry. As far as I know, such problems are experienced not only by the universities," — said the rector.

    He said that he hoped for a speedy resolution of technical problems.

    Yesterday the staff of a number of creative universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg said that from the beginning of 2017 have not been paid. The culture Ministry explained the delay to the technical problems and assured that the majority of subordinate universities will receive funding in the near future.


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