• Ural naturals gathered at the parade instead of gays

  • Defenders sent to the city authorities bid to host the November 13 rally straight. About this on their page Facebook said one of the organizers of the event, the leader of regional branch of party "Patriots of Russia" Sergey Arutin.

    "In order to "protect children from information promoting denial of traditional values" Vyacheslav Wegner filed a notice of the public event (meeting) in the Department of public safety of Sverdlovsk region", — the politician wrote. A scan of the document attached to the post.

    According to Aretina, the event is expected to be held at the Work area. "If you share the idea that it is impossible to promote among children, the denial of traditional family values, we'll see you at the event. Who supports LGBT people should stay home," — he wrote.

    In the commentary edition Znak.com the organizer of the rally stated that it opposed the planting of the "pseudo-gay". "Maybe they have there in USA and in Europe it is considered normal, but personally I want my children to grow up with the idea of the traditional family," he said.

    "In any city in the world no rally straight. We seems to be in the minority," added Arutin.

    In late October the city authorities banned the gay parade in Yekaterinburg. The refusal was explained by the current Russian ban on homosexual propaganda among minors.


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