• Ultra-dispersed humorous gay marriage in Kharkov

  • In Kharkov, far-right activists on Wednesday, may 17, dispersed LGBT event, according to local newspaper 057.

    It was planned that the event will be held at the Central wedding Palace in the form of a flash mob. A gay couple were to play comic wedding.

    The protesters could not even deploy the paraphernalia — gathering young people in sports clothes grabbed a rainbow flag and burned it.

    The number of opponents flash mob greatly outnumbered the number of participants. The radicals chanted homophobic remarks, occasionally taking it out on those who came to support the LGBT community.

    "I'm sorry guys, with whom we stood on the Maidan side by side, now on the other side from us. Today has gays, Jews tomorrow, and the day after will beat the Ukrainians?", — leads the publication the words of one of the activists who came to support the LGBT community.

    Police detained about 10 activists. Among the patrol, the two victims, both trauma to the head.


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