• The Ukrainians lost to the Mongols by the level of financial literacy

  • The level of financial awareness of the population of Mongolia is almost two times higher than that of Ukrainians. The relevant information contains in the report "a Universal transition to a market economy: equal opportunities in terms of inequality published by the European Bank for reconstruction and development" (EBRD), reports TASS.

    The authors of the report analyzed the degree of penetration of financial services in different countries. Least likely, according to EBRD, the banking services used by residents of the countries of the South-East Mediterranean coast (Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Morocco), Central Asia and Balkan countries.

    "More than 97 per cent of Estonians and Slovaks have a Bank account. Among Ukrainians, the figure is 53 percent of Egyptians and 14 percent Tajiks, 12 percent. The exception is Mongolia, where a Bank account is 92 percent of adult citizens", — quotes Agency the extract from the report.

    The EBRD indicate a direct link between the level of wealth, education, age and sex: the more the country is young, educated and financially secure people, the more those who has a certain level of financial literacy.

    In late March it was reported that Ukraine took 225 the penultimate place in the ranking of countries by the level of inflation in 2015, published by the CIA. The figure was 49 percent. It was noted that things are worse only in Venezuela. The national Bank of Ukraine predicts that by the end of 2016 inflation will slow to 12 percent in 2017, the year to 8 percent.

    In February, Bloomberg ranked Ukraine is one of the five "most miserable economies in the world". The misery index is the sum of inflation and unemployment. In Ukraine, it was 26.3%.


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