• Ukrainian political scientist was beaten in the dressing room during a break in the program on the First channel

  • The Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Kovtun was beaten in the dressing room during a break in the program "Time will tell" on the First channel. It happened during the filming of broadcast of 31 October on the issue of peace in the Donbas. Recording broadcast published on channel.

    While filming began a heated discussion about how to stop the war in the Donbass. Presenter Andrey Sheynin claimed that the Ukrainian government sanction the destruction of its own population in the region. When one of the guests suggests that he should bring these facts to the Prosecutor's office of Ukraine, he goes to the Ukrainian language and with obvious causticity asks the opponent, if he seriously believes that the Ukrainian authorities about these facts known.

    The transition Sheinin Ukrainian they reacted Kovtun, in response to what leading emotionally exclaims: "Yes, my grandmother, ***, Ukrainian, and then what!"

    The debate continued, and after the news break, on 55-Oh to minute, he brought Kovtun apologize for the fact that hit in the dressing room. According to lead, the situation was caused by a "paranoid delusion that prevails in Ukraine".

    This is not the first case when Kovtun beat during programs on Russian Federal TV. In may, during the transfer "Process" on the channel "Star" presenter and head of the Department "Committee of rescue of Ukraine" Yuri the cat a few times hit him in the face for the comment, which he released to his son.


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