• Ukrainian MP from the bloc Poroshenko called himself a Russian Deputy

  • Verkhovna Rada Deputy from "Blok Petro Poroshenko" Moustapha Nayem speaking on the TV channel "112 Ukraine", commenting on the implementation of the Minsk agreements by Kiev, said the Russian Deputy. Video published on the website of the channel.

    This reservation, Nye admitted, answering the question whether Kiev to fulfill the Minsk agreement. "I am not a subject of international politics. I am Russian (...) the Ukrainian Deputy. If you go to Parliament, then [there is] no one believes that it is necessary to comply with section 9 [of the Minsk agreements]", — expressed his opinion the MP.

    Paragraph 9 of the Minsk agreement provides for the restoration of the control of Kiev over the border of Donbass with Russia, following local elections.

    In February 2015, the leaders of "Norman Quartet" (Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine) in the capital of Belarus signed a "Complex of measures on implementation of Minsk agreements". In the document, in particular, stipulates a ceasefire, the implementation in Ukraine of the constitutional reform, the holding of elections in the Donbass, and the legislative recognition of the special status of the region. Kiev, however, under any pretext refused to fulfill the political part of the agreement.


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