• Ukrainian sellers in Kharkiv advised to bring down "in their Bandera"

  • Buyers grocery supermarket in Kharkov has opposed the mandatory use of sellers of the Ukrainian language. On Friday, April 21, according to the portal "City of X".

    An employee of the store she told reporters that the Central network office in Kyiv was instructed to communicate with the customers, to say phrases like "the card is?", "you need a bag?" in the state language only. "I was surprised that the news caused outrage among customers. Regular customers of intelligent came up with square eyes and asked: "what are you Ukrainian?". Was Frank louts with the literal response of "go to your Bandera", "are you stupid? Russian language can not learn?"", — said Tatiana.

    It added that a disgruntled customer wrote a complaint in complaint book. "To be honest, such a reaction we didn't expect," she said.

    20 April the city Council on first reading approved a decision on the complete Ukrainization of the service sector in the city. According to the MP Yuri Sirotyuk, of the state language will be compulsory for waiters, salespeople, ads, signage, posters, billboards, price tags.

    In January, the government spoke in support of the bill about the exclusivity of the Ukrainian language. The document was made in the Verkhovna Rada earlier the same month. The draft regulation stipulates that the Ukrainian language will be mandatory for all state power bodies and local self-government, preschool, school, out-of-school and higher education institutions.


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