• Scientists using a robot have discovered the secret of sailing the bloody flukes

  • Biologists from Stanford University have figured out how to swim blood flukes (trematodes) of the genus Schistosoma that cause schistosomiasis the inhabitants of Madagascar. This was reported in the journal Nature Physics.

    Scientists have studied the way swimming blood flukes to figure out how they find a definitive host — man. To monitor the parasites in the laboratory biologists have developed an image processing algorithm that automatically followed worms. Thanks to the algorithm, the scientists were able to create a complete analogue of the parasite — a robot that repeats its behavior.

    As explained by one of the study's authors Deepak Krishnamurthy (Deepak Krishnamurthy), the unit was created "to better understand how to swim the larvae Schistosoma". "Often we try to repeat the behavior of animals when creating robots. In this case it is not so," he said.

    As a result, the biologists have found that swimming larvae of shistosoma puts its tail perpendicular to the body like a letter "T".

    The creation of the robot will help scientists to advance their research and eventually find out how the larvae find their "victim".


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