• Scientists will be put on polar bears collars to monitor migration

  • Specialists of the Institute of ecology and evolution named Severtsov will ponablyudat the movement of polar bears in the Arctic, according to Administration of the Nenets avtonomnogo district.

    With the help of satellite collars, scientists will be able to know how is the migration of animals in the spring.

    The experiment will involve ten adult females. With the neck of the males of the device collapse due to structural features of the skull. To wear collars immobilize the animals with injections. "Injector shoots needles with sleeping pills on 30-40 meters. This is enough to operate the helicopter. Immobilize for research we are all polar bears," explained researchers at the Center for environmental management.

    Research will be undertaken by staff of "Centre of nature management and environmental protection", representatives of the world wildlife Fund and the National Park "Russian Arctic".

    Daily from Amderma, Nenets Autonomous district, the expedition will fly on helicopter, Vaygach island and the southern part of Novaya Zemlya archipelago. Year-round home to all the species of animals living in the Arctic.

    Migration of the polar bears studied in Russia since 2011. Now in the Arctic is inhabited by 20 thousand individuals. During the expedition, which took place a year ago, scientists met 12 polar bears, walruses 8, 4 Beluga whales, and flocks of wintering eider.

    A few years ago, the region had investigated cases of illegal hunting of polar bears. In Russia this animal listed in the Red book and its production has been prohibited since 1957.


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