• The participants in the ritual murder caught in Tbilisi

  • Employees of the interior Ministry of Georgia and the Main Prosecutor's office detained five young men, including two girls suspected of the murder of an elderly woman, reported on Friday, November 4 "Interfax". The investigation established that it was a ritual murder, wherein the victim is the mother of one of prospective participants of a crime.

    Three people, including two girls, arrested for murder and another two for concealment of a crime. Two have confessed to the crime, and one minor exercises the right to silence.

    As stated in the interior Ministry, the three accused on October 19 planned and committed the murder of 76-year-old woman in her apartment in Tbilisi. They tortured her with electric shocks, then strangled and stabbed multiple stab wounds.

    "The defendants have placed the body in a large bag and carried it to the apartment of one of the detainees, where the dismembered body, which are then burned in one of the landfills," — said the Agency.


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