• The participants of the Arctic expedition aboard the catamaran rounded the Yamal

  • Travelers from St. Petersburg rounded the Yamal Peninsula on the catamaran during the Arctic expedition, reports TASS.

    The PLAN team X Adventure Team "half the country under a sail" was released in the Kara sea and approaching baydaratsky lip, located between the yugorskiy Peninsula and Yamal Peninsula.

    During the expedition, the adventurers will sail from Krasnoyarsk to Arkhangelsk, we will raft along the Yenisei and overcome four Arctic seas (the Kara, Pechora, Barents, White).

    17 Jul travelers restocked in Dudinka — the last major settlement on the route. In total onboard a vessel was loaded with 300 gallons of fuel, and enough food for about 3.5 months of Autonomous movement.

    22 July, the team has passed the most Northern point of the route — the Shokalsky island in the Kara sea.

    The journey started June 26, from Krasnoyarsk. According to the plan by the end of September, the team finishes in Arkhangelsk.

    For the trip was established special sailing ship modular construction. Its main advantage is the members of the expedition called the inflatable body and a collapsible frame, which allow folded to send the catamaran in any point of Russia.


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