• At the Google office there were posters in support of fired for "sexism" engineer

  • Near Google's headquarters in California appeared homemade posters in defense of the dismissed engineer James Damora. This writes The Wrap.

    On top of the poster is the slogan of Apple "Think differently" ("Think different") with a photo of Steve jobs below which supplemented the fake slogan of Google "But not enough" ("Not So Much") with a picture of the CEO of the company Sundar Pichai. In addition, on a bench outside the office there was another banner with the inscription Goolag (GULAG), made in the colors and the style of Google.

    Shortly before this, in Twitter there were photos of Damara in a t-shirt with the same inscription.

    Deamor was fired at the beginning of August. This happened a month after he sent his colleagues using a corporate e-mail his Manifesto, which called for Google to abandon the policy of "ideological diversity". He argued that women are less capable of hard work and are more prone to stress.

    After the dismissal of a former engineer accused the top leadership of the Internet giant in an attempt to conceal a scandalous situation, and the head of WikiLeaks Julian Assange had offered him a job.


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