• Mars found the disappearing satellites

  • American geophysicists have shown that the Martian moons are most likely formed from ring systems, which some time later destroyed and turned into the moon. Scientists have counted several of these transformations in the history of Mars. A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

    It is known that Phobos, one of the two satellites of Mars, after about 70 million years so close closer to the planet that will be destroyed by tidal forces. Scientists carried out computer simulations showed that approximately 80 percent of the matter of Phobos falls on Mars, and of the remaining 20 percent around the planet formed a ring. Over time from it to form new satellites. According to scientists, these processes have occurred repeatedly throughout the history of Mars.

    Scientists conducted simulations allowed us to explain the origin of Phobos and Deimos, the second Mars satellite. It is likely that the moon was formed when a ring system around Mars appeared in the third-seventh times in the last 4.3 billion years.

    The authors note that, probably, a number of anomalous deposits on the surface of Mars can be explained by the falling of matter from the ring systems on the planet.


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