• Turkish importers have stopped purchasing Russian agricultural

  • Turkish importers have stopped buying Russian corn, wheat and sunflower oil. On Monday, March 20, reported Reuters citing informed sources.

    One of the interlocutors of the Agency suggested that the Turkish customs has been instructed not to unload the ships with Russian agricultural products.

    It is also reported that on March 20 the representatives of business (in particular, the companies producing flour) will meet with the Turkish government and the state Grain Board.

    Trade representation of Turkey in Russia confirmed the information about the termination of the procurement, reports, in turn, RIA Novosti.

    16 March, the Director of the Russian Institute for agricultural market studies Dmitry Rylko reported, Ankara does not issue licenses for duty-free supplies of wheat, corn and sunflower meal from a number of countries, including Russia.

    The Ministry of economy and agriculture of Turkey officially not confirmed the introduction of any restrictions on duty-free import of Russian wheat.


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