• The Central Bank has promised to eliminate money laundering scheme through bailiffs

  • In the near future the authorities will be able to stop the laundering of criminal proceeds via the scheme, which uses the writs of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP). Reports Rambler News Service, said the Chairman of Bank of Russia Dmitry Skobelkin.

    "We are very actively working on this. Not only CBR, but also the General Prosecutor's office, it was considered at the level of assistant to the President... Accordingly, I think you'll be able to locate these problematic issues," he said.

    According to him, to fight with this scheme involved the Supreme court and Rosfinmonitoring.

    Skobelkin has explained the difference schema with the Executive leaves from the so-called "Moldovan", which is today exposed. Under this scheme, drafted fictitious loan agreements between the foreign dummy companies, and Russian and Moldovan guarantors repay a nonexistent loan. As explained by the Chairman of the Central Bank, "Moldovan
    the scheme" fraudsters acted on the basis of writs of Moldovan courts, and the money debtors were translated where indicated.

    In the scheme with the Executive leaves the arbitration court accepts one of the companies is debtor, the decision approved by the arbitral Tribunal. After that the documents are received in the FBS, and on the basis of these documents, the money is debited from the account and transferred on behalf of a client.


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