• The Central Bank raised the dollar above 63 rubles

  • The Bank of Russia raised the official dollar exchange rate of November 1 on 31 kopecks, to 63,22 of the ruble. The Euro grew by 61 kopecks to the ruble 69.29. About it reported on the regulator's website. The bi-currency basket (0,55 dollars plus 0,45 euros) 65,95 is the ruble.

    On the Moscow stock exchange the dollar and Euro rise in the course of trading on October 31. The U.S. currency rose 11 cents, to 63.12 ruble, European — two cents, to 69,15 rubles.

    Oil prices on world markets decreased. Brent at 13:30 MSK fell by 0.18 percent, to 50.59 per barrel.

    Quotes fuel fell after the technical meeting of representatives of OPEC in Vienna on 28 October, a final decision on the oil quotas were not developed.

    On the same day, the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia adopted the decision to keep the key rate at 10 percent per annum. The decline in inflation expectations is unsustainable, so the rate should keep at the current level until the end of the year, according to the Central Bank.

    27 October, the head of the Department of revenue of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Elena Lebedinskaya recognized the Russia's dependence on commodity prices.


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