• The Central Bank revoked the license of the Tatarstan Bank "Kamskiy Gorizont"

  • The Bank of Russia revoked the license for banking operations at commercial Bank "Kamskiy Gorizont" (Naberezhnye Chelny). On Thursday, November 3 reported on the regulator's website.

    According to the Bank, as a result of execution of the requirement for the establishment of reserves for possible losses actually missing assets "Kamskiy Gorizont" has completely lost own capital. The Bank did not comply with the requirements of the legislation on counteraction to laundering of criminal proceeds and financing of terrorism.

    In addition, the credit institution was involved in dubious transactions, the report says CB. The Bank appointed a temporary administration.

    Payments to investors will be made no later than November 17, 2016 reported The Agency on insurance of contributions. Agent banks will be selected on a competitive basis no later than November 10.

    By total assets "Kama horizon" on October 1, 2016 537 took place in the Russian banking system.
    In August Deputy Chairman, head of the Chief Inspectorate of the Central Bank Vladimir Safronov told about the main problems Russian banks are lending to their owners, inflated asset values and fictitious capitalization.

    For the last two years in Russia was closed every fourth Bank, on the financial health of the rest was spent about a trillion rubles. In 10 years from 2006, the Central Bank revoked the licenses of 463 banks.


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