• The Central Bank bought nine tons of gold

  • In February, the Central Bank bought 0.3 million Troy ounces of gold, equivalent to nine tons of the precious metal. This is evidenced by data posted on the regulator's website on Monday, March 20.

    According to the information on 1 March, the Central Bank owns 53,2 million Troy ounces of gold (1,654 tonnes). A month earlier, the indicator was equal to 52.9 million ounces (1645 tons). Gold included in international reserves of Russia.

    Thus, the Bank of Russia for the month increased its gold reserves by 0.6 percent. The cost is estimated at 66.9 billion dollars (about 17 percent of the total amount of state reserves, which is 397,3 billion dollars).

    20 Mar at 17:00 GMT, Troy ounce of gold was worth 1231,6 dollar. In the beginning of the month the price of gold fell below the cost of bitcoins, which was then traded around the level of $ 1,238.


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      Siluanov commented on the decision of the London court of the debt of Ukraine

      Russia intends to take any further action to recover the amount of money which Ukraine owes for undertaken obligations. This statement was made by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, commenting on the decision of the High court of London in the case of Ukraine's debt to Russia on Eurobonds for $ 3 billion.

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