• The three regions of Ukraine Poroshenko will offer to sign the agreements on autonomy

  • Deputies of the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv regional councils will propose to the Central authorities to sign agreements on the delimitation of powers. Single draft of this document, the regional representatives have developed a forum in Lviv. On Monday, October 31, reports the edition "Golosa".

    In the project, which will be forwarded to the President and the government, the redistribution of tax revenues in favor of regions. In addition, document the socio-economic and cultural policies, management of natural resources within the competence of local authorities. As the newspaper notes, will offer Kiev to sign the contracts.

    "The budget should be formed from below. If the budget will be formed from below, of course, and the distribution will be different", — said the Deputy of Kyiv regional Council Oleg Joker.

    According to deputies, the separation of powers would help to solve, in particular, this is relevant for the three regions problem, as the removal and disposal of waste. "I think that if this waste were brought under the Cabinet, the problem would be quickly solved. While money and authority on such matters, settle in Kiev, all will be decided as usual, that is all. (...) The powers necessary to put into place," — said the Deputy of the Kiev regional Council Sergey Fedorchenko.

    10 October, the Kiev regional Council demanded from the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the government to sign the Treaty on the delimitation of powers between Central and regional authorities. Kyiv regional Council became the seventh representative body of power in Ukraine, demanding autonomy from Kiev.

    In particular, at the end of may the deputies of the Odessa regional Council addressed to Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, urging them to conclude an agreement on the delimitation of powers between the national government and regional authorities.

    Earlier in the month about his intention to distribute the powers between the regions and the centre, said the Deputy of the Zhytomyr regional Council, their example is also followed by Kirovograd regional Council. In April to grant autonomy to the region demanded the regional Council of Transcarpathia.


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