• Trump and Kim Jong-UN "made" to change hairstyles

  • A Reddit user under the nickname GallowBoob has published pictures of US President Donald trump and the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, swapping their hairstyles with the help of photoshop. This drew the attention of the publication Mashable.

    The post was published August 10 and quickly went viral: it receives more than 135 thousand users. In addition, users left nearly four thousand comments.

    In the opinion of visitors to Reddit, this exchange can be regarded as the worst in the history of mankind. Others, however, felt that the changes will improve the appearance of the two leaders.

    "Just me, or does trump look like Charlie Sheen?" wrote one commenter. In addition, users agreed that Kim Jong-UN with blond hair turns into a nerd.

    In June the network notice, what the North Korean authorities are trying to present the ears of Kim Jong-UN is not what they really are: the official photos of this part of the body hard to retouch. At one shot without editing it became clear that the lobe of the North Korean leader is seen something that resembles a wart.


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