• Trump closed the gap on Clinton

  • The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump closed the gap on her rival — the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. This is evidenced by data survey, conducted on order Reuters.

    According to the study, about 44 percent of potential voters said that they were ready to support Clinton, while 39 percent said they would support trump. The survey was conducted in the period from 26 to 31 October.

    Compared to previous data, the gap between the main candidates for the presidency decreased by 1 percent.

    According to other polls, who leads the Agency, the gap between Clinton and trump is shrinking even faster. Researchers from Real Clear Politics stated that in the period from Friday, 28 October Monday, 1 November, advantage Clinton fell from 4.6 to 2.5 percentage points.

    The authors of the survey attribute the fall in the rating of democratic candidate in connection with the statement by the Director of the FBI James Komi Republic that his Agency resume the investigation into the leak of official correspondence Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton herself, in this regard, stated that alarmed this message. "How strange to make such statements, providing very little information right before the election. Although not really only strange, but even unprecedented. This is deeply troubling," she said, speaking to supporters in Daytona beach (Florida).

    The scandal with e-mail, Clinton erupted in March 2015. It turned out that, during his tenure as Secretary of state, she kept up a correspondence via personal Inbox. Later, the politician gave the FBI emails, got on a private server to store e-mails, however, removed more than 30 thousand letters, stating that they were purely private in nature.

    The U.S. presidential election will be held November 8, 2016.


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