• The trawlers of the Northern fleet learn to dismantle a bomb in the Barents sea

  • Sweeping the ships of the Northern fleet (intended for disposal of marine bombs — approx. "Of the tape.ru") during the drill cleared the Barents sea. it is reported TASS with reference to the press service of the fleet.

    It is reported that the exercises were held in a special coastal sites. Minesweepers worked to prepare for the deployment of the main corbeling forces of the Northern fleet in terms of mining water imaginary enemy.

    The exercise involved the crews of neutral vessels "Polar", "Yadrin" and "Solovetsky Jung" established contact and non-contact trawls, and spent a submarine and a detachment of ships through the minefield. All educational moored and bottom of the bomb was destroyed.

    March announced gathering gathering of young professionals on Board the hydrographic vessel "Horizon" of the Northern fleet, which is now in the Barents sea. In particular, were called the soldiers of the Northern fleet and the civilian hydrographers, specializing in the study of Arctic waters.


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