• The Independent called the most inhospitable place in the world

  • The British newspaper The Independent has named eight places on earth where, for various reasons, are not happy campers. The rating is published on the newspaper's website. What criteria guided the compilation of the list, not specified.

    Most unfriendly to travelers was considered The Independent American Arlington (Texas). According to the publication, in 2015, Charter carrier Stratos Jets, analyzing 37 thousand geotags, found that the attitude towards tourists in the city can be called the worst in the United States.

    On second place was situated in the Italian national Park of the Cinque Terre, listed on the UNESCO world heritage site. In February 2016, local authorities have announced that a visit to a protected area will be paid. In the summer of 2015, the Park was visited by 2.5 million people, and last year, as soon as the number of travelers exceeded 1.5 million people visit the Cinque Terre just banned.

    The third position of the rating was Santorini. Last year, island authorities announced that the number calling at the local port of cruise ships has reached a critical level. Every day here only by sea arrived 10 thousand travelers. Next summer the government will limit this figure of eight thousand.

    Also the list included hot springs Onsen in Japan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bhutan and Thai island of Koh Khai.

    In the middle of last year, exasperated by the influx of tourists, the inhabitants of the Spanish resort of Palma de Mallorca asked vacationers to stay away from their city.


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