• The namesake of Saddam Hussein changed his name due to problems with employment

  • Marine engineer from India, Saddam Hussein, the namesake of the executed President of Iraq, changed its name from the fact that he was refused employment, more than 40 times. It is reported by Hindustan Times.

    According to Hussein, he did not understand the reason for the failure, while the representatives of shipping companies, where the man will be interviewed, explained to him that the problem was his name. According to employers, it could cause suspicions of airport employees and thereby complicate the work associated with frequent trips abroad.

    Although the engineer has already received a passport with a new name Sajid, his potential employers continue to request certificates of education, which still shows the old name. The University, which studied the man, refused to renew the documents until they are corrected certificate exams. Saddam appealed to the Central Board of secondary education with the request to help to change the name, but officials have not yet taken any action.

    Later Saddam filed a petition in the Supreme court in Jharkhand, a state in Eastern India. The case of the engineer will be considered on 5 may 2017.

    Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi ruler was hanged 30 Dec 2006. He was found guilty on charges in mass destruction of the inhabitants of the Shiite village of al-dujayl. The Hussein regime fell in 2003, after the invasion of Iraq, the international coalition led by the United States.


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