• The channel reported on the purchase of Russian parts of the Ukrainian armored vehicles

  • A subsidiary company of the Ukrainian state concern "Ukroboronprom" purchases from Russia through the British intermediaries the parts to the vehicles. This is stated in the investigation of the TV channel "Gromadske".

    Firm "Ukrinmash" according to the TV channel, acquired the track for military vehicles and Russian-built engines for Soviet BTR-70. The official supplier was made by a British firm Rion Assets Company LTD is having Bank account in Latvia.

    Formally Director Rion Assets Company LTD. is a citizen of Seychelles, but in fact the firm are residents of Kyiv, as well as its mailing address specified apartment in the Ukrainian capital, according to the channel.

    According to the documents, "Ukrinmash" bought from a British intermediary 20 tracks of Russian production at a price of 6 thousand dollars per unit for a total amount of more than 121 thousand dollars. For the purchase of 20 Russian engines has been spent 160 thousand dollars, so the price is the same engine made 8 thousand dollars, while on average they cost about 3 thousand dollars, according to the investigation.

    In may, Secretary of the national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said, that Kiev is experiencing a shortage of lethal weapons. He added that now all deliveries of weapons to the army of the country provides Ukrainian Oboronprom, "but to effectively counter the aggressor this is not enough".

    Kiev is constantly drawn to the Western countries with the request to increase military aid and arms supplies. In mid-September, Deputy chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU), Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko outraged the amount of aid that country receives from foreign partners. "They help us, approximately $ 600 million. Afghanistan, Europe and the United States gave $ 15 billion. How does that work? Where is Afghanistan and where is Ukraine?" — the General said.

    In March, assistant Secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Michael carpenter in response to the request of the Kiev authorities said, Washington did not deliver to the Republic of lethal weapons, because you first need to "teach Ukrainian forces and make them more efficient".


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