• The supernova appeared simultaneously in four different places

  • An international team of scientists recorded the explosion of one and the same supernova, observed in four different areas of the celestial sphere. Relevant studies published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters and Science, briefly about them reports National laboratory of Lawrence in Berkeley (USA).

    Shone iPTF16geu (SN 2016geu) located at a distance of about four billion light-years from Earth. It is a subcategory Ia supernova, the resulting explosion white dwarfs. iPTF16geu discovered on 5 September 2016.

    The star was able to observe four different areas of the celestial sphere due to the effect of gravitational lensing. Thanks to him, if between the star and the observer is a massive object, for example, large galaxy, the path of the rays from the sun is bent, which leads to the reproduction of visible images by an observer of the stars.


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