• The existence of ghosts explained in three ways

  • Psychologist Neil Dagnall from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) gave three possible explanations of paranormal phenomena, the existence of which some people say. This publication reports The Independent.

    The first reason is people's belief in spirits lies in their psychological beliefs. Man, as the scientist believes, can initially explain the observable phenomena and their experiences from the mystical standpoint, not considering any other, primarily scientific.

    The second reason is the impact on the human brain of infrasound and electromagnetic radiation. There are studies that prove that, for example, the infrasound causes a feeling of fear and anxiety.

    The third reason for belief in the paranormal — poisoning by toxic compounds. These include, in particular, formaldehyde and many pesticides, as well as waste products of some fungi.

    The scientist tried to explain why some people believe in the existence of ghosts entities, which allegedly link the worlds of the dead and the living. From a scientific point of view, ghosts do not exist.


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