• The court rejected the claim to "Aeroflot" on discrimination against flight attendants

  • Presnensky district court rejected the claim of Eugenia Magarinos flight attendants "Aeroflot". About it the correspondent "Tapes.ru" from a court hall.

    The plaintiff demanded to recognize that discrimination based on appearance, and to pay her more than 500 thousand rubles as compensation of moral damage, as well as underpayments additional incentives.

    The representative of "Aeroflot" explained that the flight attendant is allowed to fly "in compliance with the minimum objective requirements" for the physical parameters. "Extra pounds any person who flies an aircraft is an average of "Aeroflot" on the basis of the maximum regulatory time-of-flight of flight 800 rubles. It is clear that we can say that it is not space money, but we suggest this due to the fact that there is an objective effect of this characteristic on the requirements of us," he explained.

    Megurine in turn, said that the conflict with the employer arose because of the size of her Breasts. "For many years she contributed to the success of men, but in October 2016, all changed with the exact opposite, and my salary was inversely proportional to its size," said the plaintiff.

    Deputy General Director "Aeroflot" Vladimir Alexandrov said that the carrier is fully satisfied with the decision of the court. He added that the airline no one is discrediting. A team of flight attendants, he said, reacted negatively to the litigation, started by colleagues.

    According to the economist Nikita Krichevsky, sue on this occasion, even with the state-owned company is futile. "The company is a model of compliance. On the contrary, she even in that pinched," said he, "the Tape.ru".

    "Air hostess job is very hard. Effect on the health. Especially on the female. To be honest, more than 10-15 years to work as a flight attendant impossible. Therefore, there are requirements for the physical condition and health", — said General Director of the Center for political analysis Pavel Danilin. According to him, Magarinos and helps others dissatisfied with the trade Union of flight personnel, who "absolutely discredited".

    18 April the Tushino court of Moscow admitted the legal requirements of the company "Aeroflot" on permissible size clothing flight attendants, on the other suit. Claim the airline has filed a flight attendant Irina Jerusalem.

    In April, at the request of "Aeroflot" research holding "ROMIR" carried a survey of airline passengers. The majority (92 per cent) of respondents agreed that the airline with the highest standards of quality of service, the flight attendants should have an attractive appearance. Do not agree with this statement was only 7 percent of survey participants.


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