• The court has arrested suspected of murder of the journalist Danish inventor

  • The Danish inventor Peter Madsen, a suspect in the manslaughter of a Swedish journalist Kim wall, arrested by the court. On Saturday, August 12, according to Danish radio.

    Madsen will stay in custody until September 5. According to his attorney Betina, Engmark Hald (Hald Betina Engmark), the inventor does not recognize his guilt and is ready to give the investigation all possible assistance.

    History got in the view of the media yesterday. The journalist on 10 August went on Board built by Madsen submarine "Nautilus" in Copenhagen, but home and never returned. The submarine the next day was found sunken near the town of køge. The inventor was saved. He said that the vessel had problems with the system of immersion and emersion. He stated that he dropped off a passenger on another evening, three hours after the start of the walk, but no one saw her alive.

    To get inside the submarine and find out if there's a body, rescuers have not yet succeeded.

    30-summer wall a freelancer, worked for the New York Times and The Guardian.

    Madsen was one of the founders of the nonprofit organization Copenhagen Suborbitals, dedicated to developing and launching space rockets made by Amateurs. "Nautilus" is one of three they built submarines.


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