• Steven Seagal adverted Belarusian online action game and became the captain of the ship

  • American actor Steven Seagal adverted Belarusian online action game World of Warships. The video was published on YouTube channel of the project.

    In the video Sigal under the epic music lost traveler teaches the basics of Aikido makes to break boards and sparringe with him. Then the traveler admits that actually went to Seagal for Wi-Fi to play World of Warships. He devotes the actor in the essence of the game, after which he goes in her head.

    In the video's description also States that players will be a new character, Steven Seagal in the image of the captain of the ship. However, judging by the comments, not all users of a network like this is. "Sorry for Seagal....But once he was brutal," said one of them.


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