• The demand for holidays in France for the may holidays has increased two times

  • The number of Russians booked trips to France for the may holidays has increased two times in comparison with the same period in 2016. About it the correspondent "Tapes.ru" on Tuesday, March 21, said the representative of the tour operator BSI Group.

    According to the company, France was in fourth place in the top 5 popular among Russian tourists in European countries for vacation in early may. The rating was headed by Hungary. In the list in descending order also includes Italy, Czech Republic and UK.

    In General, the number of Russians booked by tours to Europe on may holidays has increased by 30-40 percent compared to the same period of 2016.

    Experts attribute this to the strengthening of the ruble against the Euro and the reduction in the cost of vouchers. According to BSI Group, the average cost of a week tour in Europe with flights for holidays in may is 70 thousand rubles per person.

    Earlier in March, Turservis "to Fly.ru" found, the most popular destination for the said period the Russians was Turkey. The three leaders also hit Cyprus and Thailand.

    This spring, the Russians will have a rest from April 29 to may 1 (the Feast of spring and work), and from 6 to 9 may (Victory Day).


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