• The makers of the Lord of the rings caught on the borrowing from "Teletubbies"

  • Portal user Reddit found some unexpected similarities between the trilogy "the Lord of the rings" and the children's show "Teletubbies," which the other patrons had explained it as a borrowing. The discussion of the post quickly went to the top of the resource.

    In particular, users have noticed that the colors of the raincoats merry, Sam, Frodo and Pippin echo the colors of tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lyali. The apparent similarity also has a Teletubbies house and a hobbit hole. In addition, some thought that the eye of Sauron resembles the sun from the land of Teletubbies.

    Someone suggested that the sun "Tepeustu" has a devilish nature, as a toddler, smiling in the sunshine, all the years of the TV show absolutely has not changed.

    Users notice that the first film "Lord of the rings" was released in 2001, while the "Teletubbies" began to be released four years earlier. The shooting took place in 1999-2000, which means that the creators of the trilogy could borrow some motifs from the children's show.

    At the end of February on Twitter surprised little-known details from the set of "Teletubbies." Some were amazed at the size of the puppets, which were made by the actors of the TV show. The growth of the characters — tinky-Wiki was up to three meters, with the suits on average, weighed 13 kilograms.


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