• To create a platform for dialogue between the clothing manufacturers and designers

  • In the Novosibirsk region with the support of the regional Ministry of economic development will host the first international public forum of the fashion business Fashion management. This was during a press conference on 29 November, said the organizers of the forum, reports "Rustekstil".

    As noted by the head of marketing of the region, foreign trade and tourism of the Ministry of economic development of Novosibirsk region Anastasia Ivashina, the forum aims to become a platform for interaction of Industrialists and designers. "The forum participants will define the prospects of the domestic fashion industry, will highlight the most important criteria in the area of cooperation and interaction of experts in the field of fashion, — said Anastasia Ivashina. Designers will be able to share with representatives of the current fashion trends and Industrialists, in turn, to provide their platforms for the realization of a particular collection to life".

    According to the Chairman of the organizing Committee of the first international open forum of the fashion business Fashion management, Director of professional image-makers League Elena Shenoy, Novosibirsk forum business of fashion Fashion management is a significant event for the fashion world in General and for the development of the fashion industry in the Novosibirsk region.

    "Objectives of the forum is to identify promising directions for the development of domestic fashion industry, to highlight the most important criteria in the area of cooperation and interaction of experts in the field of fashion, — said Elena Sukhina, — Our task as designers is to give the manufacturers the possibility of forming complex a capsule collection, not individual clothing items. This approach is aimed at development of competitiveness of light industry enterprises of the region".

    The forum will be attended by representatives of ten cities, including Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Novokuznetsk, St. Petersburg, Alma-ATA. Stream of the forum will go through a dedicated channel YuoTube for the whole world, is scheduled to direct the inclusion of experts from Paris and Moscow.

    Fourteen will be presented collections of clothes for adults and children, shoes, bags, products of Siberian fur, by the order of the light industry enterprises in Novosibirsk region.


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