• Artificial nerve to treat chronic pain

  • The research team from Germany University in Sweden presented the invention to reduce the pain — the so-called artificial nerve. This writes the journal Science Advances.

    New technology allows you to deliver a small amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and various preparations with almost the same speed with which transmits signals to the nervous system. GABA is a biologically active chemical that is used for blocking nerve signals and controlling pain. The scientists called their invention of the ion pump.

    "We came to the conclusion that it has created an artificial nerve that can easily interact with the human nervous system, — says one of the authors: Magnus Berggren (Magnus Berggren). Signal passes between the two synapses for 0.1 milliseconds, and we almost reached that speed".

    The study had spent more than ten years, and now the authors are ready to begin testing the technology with living cells. The ion pump may be used to treat chronic pain or stop an epileptic seizure.


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