• Advisers trump talked about its military plans

  • Advisers of the candidate in US presidents from Republican Donald trump told about how a politician is going to solve the issues of defence in case of victory. Details leads The Defence News.

    According to the potential head of the Pentagon Jeff and Roman sessions and possible the Secretary of the Navy Randy Forbes, trump professes the concept of "Peace through strength". In his opinion, the American armed forces in recent years, degraded and need restoration in order to defend the national interests of the United States. Trump intends to "restore the old alliances, make new friends and pursue a more realistic foreign policy".

    First of all, say advisers, trump's focus on the destruction of the banned in Russia organization "Islamic state" (ISIS) directly threatens the United States. Future plans include a ban on entry into the States of people who may pose a risk for the country, increased spending on cybersecurity, increasing the size of the army from 480 to 540 thousand, the number of ships up to 350 with 272 (emphasis on submarines), the number of marine corps — from 180 to 200 thousand.

    "The situation in relations with Russia is terribly deteriorated during the current administration, and during his stay of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of state, canceled sessions. This is a colossal failure. I don't know if this is correct, but we must try. If viewed from the perspective of realism and national interests, the relationship between the US and Russia need to become more harmonious than now".

    According to and Roman sessions, "Donald trump does not believe in the war, he believes that this is a bad and destructive thing, killing and ruining the economy. Look what happened with Syria and Libya. Egypt still reeling from the rule of "Muslim brothers", Iraq is just beginning to rise. Exactly, Hillary Clinton was sending our troops there despite the advice of the military".

    The U.S. presidential election will be held on 8 November. A favorite is the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the Republican candidate, billionaire Donald trump is lagging behind her by a few percent. The race also involved Gary Johnson of the libertarian party and the green party Jill Stein, but the real chance of winning they have.


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