• Advisor to the Minister of transport of Egypt died after visiting the scene of the accident trains

  • Advisor to the Minister of transport of Egypt by rail Mustafa El-Sayed (Sayed Mustafa Al) died after visiting the scene of a collision between two trains near Alexandria. This writes Al Arabiya.

    According to TV channel, the man had a heart attack. The official was hospitalized, he fell into a coma and then died. Funeral El Sayed took place in the mosque of Cairo.

    Earlier on Saturday, August 12 reported an increase in the number of victims of a train crash in Egypt that took place on the eve in the suburbs of Alexandria. According to the latest information, as a result of collision of two trains killed 49 people, injured at least 179.

    It was noted that marching from Cairo train at full speed crashed into standing part, which followed from the city of Port said. By order of the Prosecutor General of Egypt Nabil Sadeq, the incident is under investigation.

    According to the newspaper Youm7, the cause of the tragedy could be the error of clacksman.


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