• Employee shopping center award for the capture of the Minsk killer with a chainsaw

  • The head of the main Department of internal Affairs of Minsk city Executive Committee Alexander Barsukov handed a letter of thanks and a lapel badge "For merits" employee of the shopping center "New Europe" Alexander Modlike. He helped to detain a 17-year-old student who attacked customers with a hatchet and a chainsaw. On Thursday, November 3, reports the Belarusian edition of Sputnik.

    "When I was able to detain the guy, I didn't know what he did. (...) However, when he tried to threaten me, somehow instinctively reacted", — told Modlic.

    In turn, the badgers thanked the employee of the shopping center and noted that in Belarusian society there are people ready in an emergency situation to perform their civic duty.

    9 Oct Deputy Chairman of the Investigation Committee (IC) of Belarus Alexey Volkov reported, the young man who attacked women in the Minsk shopping center, explained his action by the fact that "wanted to kill people." "He was irritated all annoyed by a large crowd of people, irritated anger at himself. Thus it is that anger decided to vent," — said the representative of the UK.

    The evening of 8 October a young man gone in the shopping center "New Europe" with a case for a musical instrument and a chainsaw. He caused injuries to the woman born in 1973, from which she died on the spot. He then drew from the holster axe and attacked another woman. She's hospitalized. It was also reported the third victim.


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