• Hundreds stuck in the Dominican Republic of Russian tourists will take out backup flight

  • Customers of the Russian tour operator Pegas Touristik, stuck in the Dominican Republic, will fly to Moscow reserve airline Nordwind Airlines. About it reports TV channel "360".

    Around 400 tourists have to go to Russia from Punta Cana on Monday, March 20, at 15:00 GMT, said the General Director of Pegas Touristik Anna Podgornaya.

    That tourists are unable to leave the Dominican Republic for the second day, was it is known earlier in the day. Travelers had to go to the Russian capital earlier in the day on Saturday, March 18. However, the flight was delayed due to a malfunction of the liner.

    Tourists on the waiting time placed in hotels and provided with free meals.

    A similar incident occurred in Punta Cana in November 2016. Then hundreds of Russian tourists waited for the day of departure to Moscow from-for breakages of the plane of airline Air Azur.


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