• Gathered in the presidents ecologist, will celebrate the Day bear in Yaroslavl

  • Former adviser to the head of Moscow Anatoly Batashev, who intends to participate in presidential elections as the candidate from the environmental community, decided to celebrate the bear's den in Yaroslavl. About this he wrote on his page on Facebook on Friday, April 21.

    "Tomorrow Yaroslavschiny — day Bear. Bear Masha invites citizens to visit the Yaroslavl Museum-reserve. At the same time expect to see the situation in the Peter and Paul Park for the rescue and revival of the struggle which the inhabitants", — said the activist.

    He also intends to provide the residents of Yaroslavl part of his election program associated with road construction. "The choice of Yaroslavl is not accidental, because strategically it is possible serious logistics center", — said he.

    A trip to the capital of the Yaroslavl region he identified as part of their campaign.

    At the end of last year it was reported, Anatoly Batashev resigned from the post of adviser to the head of Balashikha near Moscow for participation in the elections of the President of Russia, which will be held in March 2018.


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