• Co-founder and NtechLab Findface became Vice-President Mail.Ru Group

  • As it became known "Tape.ru", Mail.Ru Group opens a new direction of special projects. To oversee his work as Vice-President, Alexander Kabakov co — founder of the company and NtechLab service to search people by photo Findface.

    In a press-service Mail.Ru Group confirmed this information, adding that the tasks simulated include the creation of new projects at the interface of existing services, development of own content and new technologies. These projects will strengthen the market position of individual units, including social networking and media projects, and the group as a whole.

    "For us is really important area of work with its own content and we actively strengthen our team of specialists in this field," - said in Mail.Ru

    "Global Internet giants such as Netflix or Amazon, we steadily move toward the development of unique content. Therefore, one of his first tasks in the new team I see it is this: the line content development projects using new technologies. Special attention will be paid to promotion of the current "streaming" formats, such as live broadcasts and stories," — said Kabakov.

    Alexander Kabakov has extensive experience in development and management of Internet projects. In 2009, he graduated from the philosophy faculty of Moscow state University. In 2010, together with partners, has established the Agency for digital communications, "Agency One", in 2011 became a mentor and investor service YouDo.com in 2013 became a managing partner in a venture Fund Typhoon Digital Development, and in 2014 became the mentor and producer of the crowdinvesting platform StartTrack. In 2015, Alexander is co-founder and managing partner of NTech.Lab, specializing in the development of neural networks.

    NTechLab the company was founded in 2015 by Artem Kukharenko and Alexander Kabakov. In February 2016 on the basis of its algorithm was launched the FindFace service for finding people in social network "Vkontakte" on the photo. The algorithm NTechLab also able to recognise emotions, gender and age of the person in just one photo.

    Last week NtechLab successfully closed *round 2.*financing Fund V. C. Impulse associated with the structures of Roman Abramovich, and other private investors have invested in this company $ 1.5 million. Currently Ntechlab launched pilot projects on the implementation of its technologies in more than 100 companies around the world, including Russia, Europe, USA and China. Among the first customers NtechLab — Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim, which is engaged in construction of hotel and entertainment complexes in the resort "Primorye", the largest in Turkey, supplier of biometric solutions in the field of security Papilon Savunma, the leading Russian developer of systems of remote Bank servicing the BSS.

    "With NTech.Lab we passed along an interesting path: from the inception of the start-up to its formation as a full-fledged company and attracting investment. As a result, she has not only its own unique technology, but also a team of 40 highly skilled employees. This allows you to run a successful business with various clients in the field of security and retail. And the investments show that the company's development strategy is effective, —said Alexander Kabakov. — I am glad to join the team Mail.ru. Now I have new ambitious goals, which require extraordinary solutions."


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