• The media learned about caring Burov as Director of the Isaac

  • People's artist of Russia Nikolai Burov will leave the post of Director of the Museum "St. Isaac Cathedral" in view of the deterioration of health. This was reported by "Fontanka" with reference to a source in Friday, April 21.

    According to the interlocutor of the portal, the Boers intend to resign on 1 June.

    Nikolai Burov manages the Museum since 2008. Prior to that, he 24 years he worked as an actor of the State academic drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin.

    28 March the municipal electoral Committee of St. Petersburg approved registration of the initiative group for holding a referendum on the fate of St. Isaac's Cathedral. The authors of the petition hope that now the documents on the referendum will consider the city legislative Assembly.

    St. Isaac's Cathedral — the largest Orthodox Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Built in 1819. Today has the status of a Museum. January 10 the St. Petersburg authorities have agreed to transfer to St. Isaac's Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church for free use for 49 years. Then the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko promised to preserve the Museum building functions.


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