• The media learned about the arrest leva Bi-2 with marijuana at the match "Spartak"

  • Moscow police arrested the lead singer of rock group "Bi-2" Yegor Bortnik known as Leva Bi-2, with marijuana at the stadium "Open arena". On Wednesday, may 17, reports TASS.

    "In the course of providing a public order during a football match "Spartak" — "Terek" detained on suspicion in storage of substances withdrawn from civil circulation", — stated in the press service GU MVD in Moscow.

    On this fact is currently conducted preliminary examination.

    That the detainee — the musician from group "Bi-2", the Agency said an informed source. According to him, Bortnik was seized a bag of marijuana.

    "Bi-2" rock-the team that in 1988 in Bobruisk (Belarus) was founded by the Bortnik and Alexander Uman, known as the Shura Bi-2. Since 1994, the group operates in Russia. Among the most famous songs of the band — "nobody writes to the Colonel," "My rock-n-roll" and "barbarian".


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