• The media learned about the secret run application Facebook in China

  • Social network Facebook to bypass the ban launched in China app for sharing photos Colorful Balloons. On Friday, August 11, reports The New York Times.

    It is noted that the application according to its appearance and functionality is reminiscent of Facebook Moments, was launched in China through a local company Youge Internet Technology. Running this kind of company Zhang Jingmei, which is one of the photos of Mark Zuckerberg with officials of the PRC.

    In Facebook, the newspaper said that interested in China for a long time, but refused to confirm his involvement in the Colorful Balloons. "We want to help Chinese businesses and developers outside of the PRC market, we offer them our advertising platform," — said the press service of the company.

    Internet in China is subject to strict censorship. In the country it is forbidden to use most mobile applications for messaging. Facebook is blocked in China since 2009.


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